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Office Supplies

Every office needs a good supply of essentials and stationery, so at Cromwell we have a large selection of office supplies and stationery to keep your business well stocked. Browse the range of office essentials including writing and graphic supplies, paper, postal supplies through to desktop accessories and office machines. With big name brands, including Espson®, Staedtler®, Rapesco® and many more, you'll be assured of quality products to keep your staff well supplied.

What are office supplies and stationery?

Office supplies and stationery are one of the core components to a functional office environment. From basics like pens and writing equipment, staplers, paper, printers and ink and much more, having these items to hand and readily available is vital to maintaining efficiency.

Why office supplies and stationery?

Maintaining stocks of things like paper and printer ink help ensure you have enough supplies to keep things moving is vital. With regular use it can be easy to run out of these items so keeping stock of inventory and replacing items before they run out is key.

Types of office supplies and stationery

There are a lot of products that fall under office supplies and the same is true for stationery.

Writing and graphics - This encompasses everything from pens, pencils and arts supplies, through to items like rulers.

Desktop and personal accessories - These items are great for staying organised, such as diaries, staplers and desktop organisers.

Filing and storage - Keep important documents safe and secure with ring binders, storage boxes and archive filing systems.

Office machines and desktop accessories - These products are used in conjunction with items like photocopiers and printers, such as ribbons and toner cartridges.

Considerations when choosing office supplies and stationery

Compatibility - This will relate to items such as toner and ink cartridges, ensure that you select the right kind of cartridge, compatible with your make and model of machine.

Volume - Ensure you don't run out of essentials by ensuring that you always have the right amount of stock for your office staff.


What is considered essential stationery?

Essential stationery, pretty much boils down to the following: Pens, pencils, markers, notebooks and pads, white papers, envelopes, and organisers, as well as items like staplers and paper clips.